General Location

Namibia is in southern Africa and borderes to the north on Angola, to the east on Botswana, and to the south to the Republic of South Africa. Wilsonfontein distance is half way between Windhoek and Swakopmund (Atlantic). It is situated 1200 m above sea level and has a healthy dry climate. That is the reason that here is no malaria risk. In winter (July / August), it can be very cold at night.

How to reach us by car

You can reach us from Windhoek via the B1 Okahandja, B2 Wilhelmstal to Karibib (180 km paved road) 76 km south from there to the C32 (gravel road), then another 10 km on the P1978 to the house.

From Swakopmund on the B2 to Usakos passing "Martin Luther". Then immediately right onto the C28 (gravel road) 154 km to Anschlu├č (at the thick pile). Left for 15 km on the C32 towards Karibib. Then turn left onto the P1978 and drive 10 km to the house. FOI: The pad through the Namib has some dangerous 90 degree curves.

Alternatively you can drive from Windhoek through the Khomas Hochland passing the Daan Viljoen Park. On the C28 (gravel road) after 163 km turn right at Anschlu├č (at the thick pile) to Karibib for 15 km. At last on the P1978 for 10 km to the house. On the gravel road (C28), You drive down the Bosuapass. In terms of time it will take longer than drive via Karibib.

Upon request, I'll pick you up from the airport. (See price list)

Link at Googlemaps

Tips for Self-Driver in Namibia

Please drive carefully and slow on the gravel roads since the car tends to drift away in the bends. If a car comes from the front be happy that you are not alone on the road, drive slow, turn on the light and watch for falling rocks. Be aware that we drive on left side like in the UK.

If you get ever stuck in the thick sand, dig away the sand with your hand in front of the tires, let some air out of the tire, and drive slowly with slipping clutch. Do not forget the to pump the tires again immediately after so that the tire will not be damaged.