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Wilsonfontein is known for his big Springbok. The average trophy is 39 cm horn length and 16 cm circumference (39/16) specimens of (45/15) cm (17.7/5.9) inch have also been hunted. There are also old bucks with overworked and broken horns.

The following species live on Wilsonfontein:

Aardvark, Aardwolf, African Civet, African Wildcat, Bat-Eared Fox, Caracal, Chacma Baboon, Giraffe, Ground Squirrel, Honey Badger, Jackal, Klipspringer, Kudu Greater, Leopard, Mongoose, Mountain Rabbit, Mountain Zebra (Hartmanns), Oryx(Gemsbok), Ostrich, Porcupine, Rock Dassie, Silver Fox, Spotted Hyena, Spring Hare, Springbok, Steinbok, Tortoise, Warthog

Bustard Kori, Bustard Ludwigs, Buzzard Steppe, Crow Black, Dove Cape Turtle, Dove Laughing, Dove Namaqua, Eagle Black, Eagle Black breasted Snake, Eagle Brown Snake, Eagle Martial, Falcon Lanner , Goshawk Pale Chanting , Guinea fowl Helmeted , Hamerkop, Kestrel Greater, Korhaan Northern Black, Korhaan Red crested, Korhaan Rüppell's, Krestrel Rock, Lovebird Rosy faced, Ostrich, Owl Pearl spotted, Owl Scoops, Owl Spotted Eagle, Pigeon Rock, Plover Blacksmith, Quelea Red billed, Sand grouse Namaqua, Sand grouse Burchell's, Sand grouse Double banded, Secretary bird, Vulture Lappet faced, Vulture, White backed, Weaver Masked, Weaver Red billed Buffalo.

Most species are only photographed or filmed.

The land belongs to the wild species so that they can live in their natural habitat. We keep no farm animals, so the wild can live undisturbed in its natural environment. The game is roaming free, no fences are holding them back..